What about this Festive Gift Idea ?

Trying to find the perfect for somebody is so hard, especially if that person already owns almost anything you can think of that they might like. It’s possible to spend hours searching online or scouring the mall looking for that unique item that may interest them. I recently discovered Kustom Culture at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. These guys have made it super easy to create your own personalized gifts in just a few minutes. I noticed a huge crowd at a stall on the Village Green Market, so I wandered over interested to see what all the fuss was about. After managing to peak my head over a group of excited teenagers I finally realized what all the fuss was about. The stall was offering people the chance to customize their own products for themselves or to be given as gifts. The process involved choosing a plain/unprinted product and then deciding on how you would like to customize it. This is achieved by using a sublimation process where your photo or design is first printed onto thermal paper and then later fused onto the blank product using a heat transfer process. When the paper is heated the ink is turned into gas and then bonds with the polyester coated surface of the product being customized.

custom design

The stall had a great selection of products that could be custom designed, including covers for most brands of mobile phones, wall tiles, coffee mugs and what seemed to be the most popular, t-shirts. I wasn’t quite ready to make a purchase but the helpful staff handed me a business card with all the business details including their website address.

A month later, I found myself scratching my head trying to think of a present to give my mother on Mother’s Day. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy her another bunch of flowers, gift voucher for the local book store or set of pleasantly scented bathroom toiletries. That’s when I remembered Kustom Culture, so I fired up my browser and headed over to their website. I was pleasantly surprised at how remarkably easy they have made it to get through the process of selecting an item, adding your own design or photo, checking out, paying and waiting for delivery (which is free with purchases over two hundred rand). I chose a nice comfortable looking t-shirt after checking the sizing specifications and set about custom designing the t-shirt for my mom. The website uses a fancy product designer that allows you to import your own photos, add text and manipulate everything until you’re happy. I finished up, paid and waited for my order to be delivered. Three days later I received my order from Kustom Culture in the mail. The quality of the printing is unbelievable, with incredible photographic detail. If you are looking to custom design your own T-shirt and give somebody a truly unique gift then I recommend you take a look at whats on offer at the Kustom Culture website.