Psychology as an Art Form – Maryke Woolf

All creativity stems from the mind of the human being. Whether it’s poetry, creative writing, dance or contemporary art. It’s not exactly clear why some people are naturally more gifted in their creativity than others. Some people can spontaneously spurt poetry from their mouths or sketch the most realistic drawings, while others are better skilled at solving complex mathematical equations or playing on the football field. Festivals around the world are always host to these creative people, who choose to rendezvous at arts gatherings where they an share their poetic talents. Psychologists have spent years researching the the levels of left brain and right brain activity and how these influence each persons specific abilities.

It seems that at this point research shows that it largely boils down to DNA as to what talents you will inherit. Whether you will be a creative person who enjoys music, art and dance, or a sportsman or scientist. Artists and creative people are often more prone to depression and other psychiatric conditions than those that are less creatively inclined. Maryke Woolf a Newlands psychologist is experienced in dealing with creative people suffering from anxiety and depression. Dr Woolf’s psychology practice in Newlands is situated close to the Baxter Theater which is used to showcase local artists and performers as well as international acts. Maryke deals with patients from all walks of life, not just musicians and artists. Having completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr Woolf is qualified to deal with patients suffering from all kinds of difficulties. Maryke deals with patients who are dealing with trauma, marital difficulties, suffering grief and loss as well as other psychological disorders like bipolar. Over the past decade or two the need for people to meet with a psychologist to process difficult emotions or events in their lives has increased dramatically. Perhaps it is due to the fast pace of life in this technological age, or maybe because seeing a psychologist has become more socially acceptable. This is particularly true for men who are often stereotyped as being shut off from their emotions. Newlands is a beautiful, leafy suburb of Cape Town close to the renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Maryke believes that trust is the most important factor that needs to be established between herself and her clients. It is essential to create a non judgemental environment where the patient can feel accepted and heard without fear of being judged. As psychologist based in Newlands, Maryke treats patients from surrounding areas including Claremont, Rondebosch and Bishops Court. For more information about this Newlands psychologist click here.

Maryke is registered with several of the Medical governing bodies and her fees can be claimed back from your medical aid scheme as long as they include the necessary benefits. Please check with you Medical aid provider first to be certain that they do cover visits to psychologists. Please contact us via our contact page if you have nay queries or anything to add to this article.