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There are so many amazing Festivals in countries around the world every year. South Africa is no exception when it comes to hosting a wide variety of unique and interesting arts, music and cultural festivals. Cape Town, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the world is host to some 30 amazing festivals every year. Fortunately if you are up to backpacking in Cape Town, there are some top notch places to choose from. The picture that many people have when you speak about tours is the idea of travelling in a bus from place to place getting in and getting out at each venue.  Organized tours can also turn out to be very expensive. There is good news; there are many different types of tours out there that do not cost an arm and a leg. Below you will see two different ways that you can tour and enjoy Cape Town’s friendly atmosphere and stunning scenery.

Cycle Tours

Travelling around Cape Town on a bicycle is an ideal way in which to see the City and its surrounds. The main advantage of sightseeing by bicycle is that you can choose the area that suits you. It also does not have to be a lengthy trip.

Here are some amazing cycle tours that are available:

Table Mountain Cycle Tour:

Table Mountain offers many types of hiking tours but the mountain bike tour is the most exhilarating experience of them all. Here you will be riding through a wonderful scenic route and will be able to take in the breath-taking views of the Mother City, the mountains and the ocean. You will also be able to breath in the strong aroma of the fynbos that covers the whole mountain side. Most of the tour guides will take you to the top of the bike trail and then you ride down the mountain along the many scenic mountain paths. The path takes you along all the off-road trails around Devils Peak and ends at a site where you will be able to view both oceans at once.

Wine lands Cycle Tour:

The Stellenbosch wine region has stunning landscapes and the best way to take all this in, is to do a Stellenbosch Wine Route Cycle Tour. With your bicycle you are able to use all the off-road tracks and old farm roads which will enable you to enjoy this amazing scenery and go through areas you would normally not have access to. There will stops along the way at various wine farms where you will be able to do some wine-tasting. Most of the tour guides offer a relaxed tour of 10 Km, but for the more adventurous there is also a 20 Km tour as well.

Cape Town City Cycle Tour:

If you want an independent feeling and be in control of your own vehicle then this tour is for you. The tour begins at Green Point and you travel along the beachfront and then by making use of cycle paths along the way you will come out at the artistic suburb of Bo-Kaap. You will then make your way to the Company’s Gardens and pass by the cathedral on to Green Market Square. This is one of the numerous adventure tours available to you at Ashanti Travel Centre. The tour will then lead you along Adderley Street and passed the Grand Parade to end at the five-pointed stone castle.


Horse Riding Tours

If the bicycle is too strenuous for you then there is always the horseback tour.  This is just as adventurous but with a great deal less effort required.

Stellenbosch Game Reserve Horse Riding Trail:

This game reserve is set on a 240 Ha site and riding on horseback is the only way to really enjoy what it has to offer. On your trail ride you will be able to see zebra, springbok, eland, gemsbok, kudu, giraffe, wildebeest and a large variety of bird life. This is an experience for the whole family as no prior experience in horse riding is required. There is a 1, 5 hour ride that takes you through the game reserve. Also available is a 2 to 3 hour ride that includes the vineyards and some wine-tasting.

Beach Horse Riding Trail:

This ride will take you along one of Cape Town’s finest beaches, the Noordhoek beach. This beach is ideal to explore on horseback as the sand stretches out for miles on end and has stunning views of the ocean and Chapman’s Peak. This ride is also one for the whole family as no prior experience in horseback riding is required.

Ashanti offers friendly and great services, especially to the backpacker and budget traveller. Not only do they offer exciting tours but also have excellent accommodation facilities. With Ashanti’s accommodation, available in Green Point and Gardens you can relax and enjoy your stay. They will assist you with all you need to make your stay special and memorable.